Episode 34 – Pajamas, Pugs, and Food Trucks

This week: We say Farewell to Crithto. Will Wheaton visits Blizzard HQ. Blizzard finally gives us the Blizzcon Schedule… then says “no no no.” MMOChampion gives us a breakdown of where people stand in the Legendary Ring chain. New Week… New Tavern Brawl. Heroes teams all set for Blizzcon. And some news on Artanis. External Links: Everyone Wants to Rule… Read more →

Episode 032 – We be keep tryin’, Mon

This week: Stephen Colbert possibly opposed Kimmel in his views of gaming. WoW celebrates BREWFEST!!! Brand new Tavern Brawl in Hearthstone. Bonus sale (and more) in Heroes! And Overwatch lets 2 new villains explode onto the scene. External Links: World of Thrones Animation StarCraft: Reclamation Lt. Morales – StarCraft Medic in Heroes In Development – Heroes Skins Introducing Junkrat and… Read more →

Episode 031 – Raggedy Blowhole

What happens when one of the hosts is slightly injured? Well, another host can’t make it and we make a last minute “HEY CUDDLES!” Wowhead tosses out an Art Contest, while Blizzard and Random House cut a book deal. It’s Mythic week in WoW while a mount goes on sale. Hearthstone’s Tavern Brawl has a bit of a hiccup. BUT… Read more →

Episode 030 – Violence, Drama, and Competition

This week: Blizzard updates the Mobile Authenticator. RIP Method. The WoW Shipyard got a really nice update. Where is that Mercenary NPC!? Tavern Brawl in Hearthstone is… interesting. Heroes’ Rexxar’s Misha AI needs some work. What happened with Tempo Storm!? Kael gets a huge nerf. New Silence Penalty for Toxic Players. Alisaunder writes in, “When will eSports be legitimate sports?”… Read more →

Episode 029 – #Team CoCo

This week: Jimmy Kimmel hates fun! Mike Morhaime tries to help with that. Flying makes it’s triumphant return! We dig in deep into Timewalking and it’s rewards! Dragoncon had a WoW panel. Find out what’s new and what we think about it! Hearthstone hits us with a new cardback and a brand new Tavern Brawl. TeSPA follows Heroes’ lead and… Read more →