Episode 028 – Doth Thou Balls Laggeth?

Disclaimer: This episode contains some explicit content. Viewer discretion is advised. This week, we’re joined by not 1, but 2 special guests… the hosts of the Lagging Balls Podcast, Thorn and Thyst! Blizzard’s Gear Store gets some new stuff, we get proof Blizzard makes a TON of cash, and we discuss a recent ranking of the top 8 Blizzard created… Read more →

Episode 027 – Hairy Monk Chocolate Kitten

This week features the return of guest, Cuddles! We discuss the Blizzcon Goodie Bag, the Virtual Ticket, and why flying may or may not return soon(tm). We also delve into the salt mines a bit as Theory discusses his thoughts on the BGB. We get our 1st viewer question… from a well known writer to many podcasts, none other than… Read more →

Episode 025 – The Contest

So, during Episode 25, we announced we wanted you to send us your questions you’d like to see answered at Blizzcon. It’s really simple. We want to help out our fans. So, as Draven is going to Blizzcon, he’ll try to get in the line to ask a question. If he gets to ask, it’ll be the winner’s question! But,… Read more →

Episode 024 – Make Like A Tree

Bashiok says farewell. 5 Guilds are now 13/13 Mythic. Blizzard is going to some little convention in Europe. What’s gonna be the next expansion? Hearthstone has an overload of Portals. Leoric gets neutered. And do we know Reaper’s true identity!? All this and more… with special guest CUDDLES! Read more →

Episode 023 – Inspired by Heroes / Leoric Rises

Disclaimer: New audio software for this show. Draven is lower than usual and Scharlett & Theory have a slight echo behind them. In Episode 023, the Well Played Party meets yet another stretch goal. Will Draven drink at Blizzcon? Is Grom into BDSM!? Blizzard releases info on the WoW Token. We dive into this week’s patch notes. Hearthstone’s Tavern Brawl… Read more →

Episode 022 – Hunter Camo is OP

This week: Well Played Party is going after stretch goals, Blizzcon contest entries gotta hurry, announcement speculations galore. In WoW, flying hits the PTR, Timewalking returns, World 1st (and 2nd) Archimonde falls, and we have a new use for those Halloween masks. Hearthstone’s Tavern Brawl gets our “expert” reviews. We try to guess the big announcement, and Draven rants about… Read more →