Episode 020 – Live From Failtown!

Farewell, Koltrane. We miss you. More 6.2 patch stuff. No more content!? Tavern Brawl, New Cardback, StarCraft tournament, TONS of Heroes, Overwatch gets an Overhaul, and the rambling you’ve come to expect! Oh… and this was our 1st live recording on twitch!

Farewell, Koltrane

Today marks the 4 year anniversary for the CTR Podcast. It also marks the last show for co-host Koltrane. He announced it about a month ago. And we here at Epic Fail wanted to do something special.


And here is Zhug’s Tribute:

Episode 19 – Going Bananas in Tanaan

Due to some serious audio issues, there won’t be a video this week. Which is too bad. There was a TON of great ideas for the special stuff only video watchers would get.

The Rush – Fan made StarCraft mini-film; Updates from Biff Tanaan Jungle and HFC; Tavern Brawl will have you going bananas this week; Diablo’s PTR has new stuff coming right out of Barbarian ‘lore'; Heroes 1st xpac coming Tuesday; Overwatch’s gameplay for the last 2 *known* characters; Contest rules; and the inane ramblings you’ve come to expect. All this and more in Episode 19!

Well Played Party (Formerly known as CTR Party / Smash Bash)
The Game Case is doing a contest. Tweet him #GoodDeedInDraenor with details of your good deed.
RocketJump’s The Rush

Episode 18 – Called it… Sorta

WoW’s 6.2 launch date revealed. Legendary Ring Questline gets updated. LFR’s raid schedule probably takes too long. Selfie contest week 5. We break out the tinfoil hats when discussing the patch trailer. 1st impressions on Hearthstone’s Tavern Brawl. StarCraft is giving everyone something for free. Heroes shows off a few new heroes and skins. The Hearthstone card back mount goes live. 2 more gameplay videos for Overwatch… along with possible hints at more new stuff. A contest is announced. All this and the usual ramblings of your deranged host

Episode 17 – Chia Pets & Bobbleheads

The Warcraft Trailer. Flying is coming back. Q&A discussion. Selfie contest week 4. PVP season ending soon(tm). More friends. New Hearthstone Modes and Heroes. Salecraft. Fresh Meat. Overwatch’s 1shot team kill. Special video bonus. You want stuff, we got stuff this week

Episode 16 – Die! Die! Die!

In this week’s show: Heroes goes Live! IronMan wins the Ironman challenge! We talk the Circle of Disappointment. The Q&A gets pushed back. Hearthstone gets alts, but you gotta cough up the cash. Heroes gets a ton of cross promotion. Overwatch has 2 more gameplayvideos. And the Blizzard store gets some small additions.

Episode 14 – What’s Flying, Precious?

Let’s all take selfies! 6.2 has more info released. Where’d flying go!? Tier sets discussed. Hearthstone and card backs. Diablo bug fixes. StarCraft matchmaking and how bad DravenDresden is at the game. Heroes Beta is Live. Skins released. Overwatch’s McCree and Hanzo gameplay videos. All this and the insane rambling you’ve come to expect. Read more →

Episode 13 – Dude, Where’s My Runesaber?

WoW subs down 3 million, what’s a Blizzard to do!? The Runesaber is released, but not for everyone!? Grom cosplay truly out of this world. Iron Horde hits Hellfest 2015, but why? 6.2 patch notes and 6.1 hotfixes. Diablo is getting invaded by The Cow King. Scharlett gets her ‘Craft on… sorta. Free Heroes, discount heroes, new site gives some… Read more →